Margie Hauser’s Musical Journey

The coming together of different individuals collaborating has led to outstanding achievements throughout human history. When diverse voices work together or use instruments to create an auditory presentation, the beauty of music is realized. Margie Hauser is an experienced composer and songwriter with at least two decades in the music craft.

In 2008, Margie Hauser launched her music career with 19 published songs. She regards herself as a melody person who can listen to music by the ear. She has grown her career with a passion for assisting the new ones in the industry to find their way. It has led to her earning her name in the music industry.

Margie Hauser’s work has been promoted on the Billboard charts, and she takes up the position of a voting member at the Recording Academy- the association supporting the Grammy Awards. She has worked on many projects in the role of music producer, creating every music genre, from electronic dance music to power ballads and country music.

Margie Hauser has collaborated with numerous artists, including Grammy award-nominated singer Taylor Dayne, recording “The Fall.” She wrote down two singles for artist Henri,” Wanna Be Ur Baby,” which she and her fellow songwriters co-wrote, and “Round and Round” with artist Henri.

She notes that for her, songwriting is the creative process, while producing is based on forming an emotional link that gives rise to a wholesome feeling to the listener. She has sought-after collaborators who have helped her grow in her expertise and step out of her comfort zone.

Margie Hauser attributes honesty as the foundation for effective collaboration regardless of the field. Giving her honest opinions from experience gained, she has helped numerous artists solidify their brand image, understanding all their strengths and staying true to themselves. It has led her to develop her talent for teaching.

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