Miki Agrawal and Her Success as an Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal is a top-ranking entrepreneur and founder of several leading firms. Wild and TUSHY are among her firms that have grown to greater heights, positively impacting the economy. Several factors, including discipline, commitment, and integrity at work, contribute to her success as an entrepreneur. Miki Agrawal is an innovator who believes in creating solutions to problems that negatively impact people in society. Her products and services are affordable and destined to provide long-lasting solutions.

Indian parents raised Agrawal in Montreal, Canada. Her parents, entrepreneurs, raised Agrawal responsibly and taught her the importance of a strong work ethic. Miki’s parents served as a source of inspiration and mentored her toward becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Agrawal earned her degree in Business from Cornell University. After graduating, Agrawal worked in the financial sector for a few years before deciding to venture into entrepreneurship. She relocated to India to assist her father in running his business operations. She became more knowledgeable and acquired skills to help her become a serial entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial focus was creating products and services that would solve societal problems.

Wild, founded by Miki, is famous for its elevated pizza. The restaurant is based in New York. It was co-founded primarily to offer its clients healthy, delicious food. The demand for sustainable and organic food also motivated Miki Agrawal to come up with the idea of the Wild restaurant. With the gradual increase in customers, Wild has opened many branches throughout New York.

Tushy is another company by Miki. The firm focuses on selling bidets and bathroom accessories to ensure our bathrooms and toilets maintain good hygiene. The demand for quality toilet cleaning products motivated Miki Agrawal to start Tushy. However, several people in the United States are not informed about bidets, which significantly challenges the firm’s growth.

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