Overview of RAINN and founder Scott Berkowitz

RAINN is an organization that has been helping victims of sexual assault for about 28 years. As of last year, the organization has helped over four million people since their 28th year of operation. The founder, known as Scott Berkowitz RAINN, credited the staff for what they do to help others. He confirms that they run 40 hotlines and credited all the partners who make it all possible. RAINN’s programs, according to an article from their website, helps about 800 people per day. The official hotline was launched in 1994 and has since gone up to servicing 800 a day from being just 100 at the start. Berkowitz is happy that they help so many people, at the same time, he wishes the growing sexual violence would not continue. Others recognize it is never easy to seek help and share their stories of sexual violence but acknowledge they are there to give those closure and guidance. RAINN has partnered with about 347 local sexual assault service providers over the phone. Their online services have expanded and the number of partners they work with has grown to over 1,000 today. The organization has also partnered with TV providers and streaming networks. RAINN continues to expand their services by releasing video series and episodes around the topic. Staffers are surprised but happy they are able to help so many people. Scott Berkowitz is recognized as the founder and president of RAINN. People are able to speak to someone through live chat or by phone. Berkowitz has worked to help sexual assault victims since the founding of RAINN in 1994. The founder has done work in the community aside from starting RAINN. He has fought to pass new laws to fight crime and sexual violence.

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