Peter Briger's Impact on Fortress Investment Group

Although the name Peter Briger has become somewhat synonymous with Fortress Investment Group it’s worth pointing out that the businessman made a name for himself before joining the group. In his near 20 year tenure at Fortress Investment Group he’s steadily risen up the ranks and has held multiple leadership positions within the company such as President and Co-Chairman. His impact on the group is undeniable. For instance, when Peter Briger initially joined fortress Investment Group it was a private equity firm, whereas now it is a public company.

Peter Briger is a natural-born leader which is made more evident by the roles he takes on for the firm. He is responsible for making sure things go smoothly within the credit fund and real estate business divisions. with him at the helm the company has grown into an investment firm that manages assets worth more than $65 billion.

Peter Briger attended the prestigious Princeton University and where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also a Wharton School of Business graduate. Shortly after, he joined Goldman Sachs as a partner and began on his storied path to success. He learned vital lessons on leadership at Goldman Sachs and those experiences have come in handy while working at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger is also an avid philanthropist. He is heavily involved in endeavors put in action by the community and contributes in various ways. In addition, he is on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children.

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