Quattro Development Celebrates 16-Year Streak at ICSC Las Vegas, Showcasing Sector Mastery

For the 16th straight year, Quattro Development has confirmed its continued attendance at the ICSC Las Vegas event. The ten-day event, from May 20 to May 30, invites industry leaders to the notable Las Vegas Convention Center to shape the future of shopping, entertainment, work, dining, and shared spaces.

The event allows participants, including tenants, brokers, landlords, and engineers, to create beneficial relationships and discover collaborative ventures. Quattro’s largest representation, with members like Mike Liyeos, Rob Walters, Owen England, Grant Barrett, and Matt Liburd, highlights the company’s commitment to nurturing upcoming industry stars.

Quattro’s annual client dinner will make its second appearance on Monday, May 22, reaffirming Quattro’s dedication to its clients. Co-sponsored by the respected Ice Miller law firm, the dinner will host between 20 and 30 guests, enabling Quattro Development to show gratitude towards its faithful clients.

Since its inception in 2008, Quattro has been instrumental in helping commercial retail clients maximize their capabilities. With over 130 successful projects for over 65 nationwide clients, the company’s thorough market analysis and firsthand observations have proven invaluable. Prominent clients include Arby’s, the United States Postal Service, Starbucks, AT&T, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

ICSC was formed in 1957. It will serve as the primary association for the global Marketplaces Industry. With over 68,000 members across various sectors from over 100 countries, the ICSC Las Vegas event is its flagship annual affair. The event is a convergence of industry professionals and deal-makers striving to take the Marketplaces Industry to greater levels.

Quattro Development’s consistent presence at ICSC Las Vegas underscores its unyielding dedication to stimulating growth and pioneering innovations in the commercial real estate field. The company is leading in the industry, guaranteeing a flourishing future for its clientele and associates.”


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