Robert Kraft

In sports Robert Kraft is a billionaire businessman that is the owner of the football team New England Patriots. He is currently married to Mybh Kraft and with her has three children, Jack, Benjamin and Becca. He was born in Glen Cove, New York on September 28th of 1933. Before he got into sports full-time in 1984, he owned a couple different companies including a coffee company called Kraftco. In 2006 Robert bought the NFL franchise which has $1 billion worth of assets but earns him $3 million per year according to Forbes.

Robert Kraft has achieved a lot in sports, he was the one that came up with the idea of the Super Bowl and helped make it what it is today. Kraft also owns a soccer team called New England Revolution which is also his favorite sport to watch. His football team holds a record of 220-150-1 but has never won a Super Bowl. Robert’s business empire started when he bought the Patriots with his advisors but he took over when they left. He had this thought process that to win in business you have to treat people fairly, listen to them and give them incentives for good actions. His companies were so successful that he had an eight-figure salary and made more than $100 million through investments.

Robert Kraft has also been involved with a couple charities throughout his life. Some of these charities are the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, The Kraft Center at Tufts Medical Center, The Boys and Girls Club of Boston and the Kraft Family Blood Donor Program. All of these charities contribute to society in different ways. His philanthropic efforts have been very influential in his community most importantly because he does it anonymously.

Some of the charities he supports are very important to him, such as the Kraft Foundation which helps children with mental and physical disabilities. This foundation also helps families in need and the Kraft Family Blood Donor Program which is run by the Kraft Charitable Foundation, it helps over a thousand people each year who have a rare blood type. This program has been running for 5 years and has helped over 200 people so far with their recovery. Go to this page for more information.


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