Stephen Bird Leads ABRDN's Rebrand Since Joining the Company in 2020

ABRDN, the UK investment company formerly known as Standard Life Aberdeen, recently underwent a major rebranding, led by CEO Stephen Bird. Bird, who joined the company in September 2020, explained the reasoning behind the rebranding in a recent interview.

According to Bird, the decision to rebrand was driven by the need to modernize and simplify the company’s brand identity, making it more accessible to a wider range of customers. The new name, ABRDN, is meant to be pronounced “Aberdeen,” while the removal of vowels is intended to give the name a modern, tech-focused feel.

Bird emphasized that the rebranding was not just a superficial change, but rather a reflection of a broader shift in the company’s strategy and culture. The company has undergone significant restructuring over the past year, including the sale of its insurance business and a focus on higher-growth areas such as sustainable investing.

Bird has been instrumental in leading these changes, bringing a wealth of experience from his previous roles at Citigroup and American Express. He has emphasized the importance of embracing new technologies and digital channels to better serve customers and stay ahead of competitors.

Under Bird’s leadership, ABRDN has also committed to ambitious sustainability goals, including a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The company has launched several new sustainable investment funds and has made sustainability a core part of its investment philosophy.

Bird’s leadership has already had a significant impact on ABRDN, with the company’s share price rising by over 50% since he took over as CEO. His focus on modernization and sustainability has resonated with investors and customers alike, positioning ABRDN for long-term success in an increasingly competitive industry.

In conclusion, Stephen Bird has been a driving force behind ABRDN’s recent rebranding and broader strategic shift. His emphasis on modernization, sustainability, and customer service has already had a positive impact on the company’s performance and is likely to continue driving growth and success in the years to come. To learn more about Stephen Bird’s expertise and insights, please visit at

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