Sudhir Choudhrie Encourages People to Help the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team

When Sudhir Choudhrie considers those with disabilities, he feels that everyone should care more about this issue. In fact, his wife, Anna, runs a charity that aids in improving the lives of the disabled called Path to Success. Sudhir is the director, and he believes everyone should contribute to fulfilling the dreams of Paralympians.

Reigning Champions

The GB Wheelchair Rugby team are successful as European champions. Since 2012, the sport has expanded from seven to 22 teams. Wheelchair Rugby’s Paralympic Program receives funding from the Rugby Football Union. But without this money, the sport may stop growing. As reigning champions, the GB wheelchair Rugby team have proven that they work hard to achieve their goals. Therefore, they’ve earned the right to continue to receive funds.

Overcoming Hardship

Disabled sports in Britain is suffering since UK Sport decided to take away funding for Wheelchair Rugby. But this sport is still relevant because it gives those in wheelchairs happiness and hope. Businessman Choudhrie strongly supports disabled sports. He communicates that these sports can continue to grow through charitable donations. As long as disabled sports keep growing, disabled players can benefit emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Disabled Players Need Sports

Indeed, those who are disabled need a healthy outlet to avoid the problems associated with disabilities. For example, disabled sports were specifically designed for them to benefit from. And they can get some exercise, forget they’re disabled for a time, and enjoy the moment.

About Sudhir Choudhrie

As a philanthropist and London-based businessman, Sudhir Choudhrie is interested in hospitality, aviation, and healthcare. He’s the Vice Chairman at Alpha Corp Development Pvt Ltda and a key advisor for C&C Alpha Group in London. He sends a strong message of hope to those who’ve survived a heart transplant because this is something he has experience with.

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