The Colcom Foundation: A Legacy of Environmental Stewardship and Community Support

Founded by Cordelia S. May in 1996, the Colcom Foundation is a testament to one woman’s dedication to preserving the delicate balance of nature and improving human quality of life. May’s journey started in 1952 when she realized that managing family size is important for nature. She understood the gradual impact of population growth on the environment, a concern that remained with her throughout her life.

Even after her passing in 2005, her belief in this cause lives on through the Foundation’s work. Today, we see problems like collapsed fisheries, water scarcity and loss of biodiversity due to overpopulation.

The Colcom Foundation focuses on two main things: nationally addressing the effects of too many people and supporting local projects in southwest Pennsylvania. Nationally, the Foundation supports projects that deal with how population growth affects the environment. It works with various organizations to help lower birth rates worldwide.

Locally, the Colcom foundation supports a range of projects in southwest Pennsylvania, including environmental education, grassroots advocacy, conservation efforts, and public safety initiatives. Groups like the Hollow Oak Land Trust and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy work to protect greenspaces and preserve high-priority properties. Meanwhile, others like Allegheny Front provide a platform for discussing regional environmental issues, and groups like the Environmental Integrity Project advocate for the enforcement of environmental laws.

Furthermore, the Foundation’s support extends to arts and culture, community and economic development, education, health and human services, and leisure and recreation projects in the region. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for local residents while fostering a deep connection to the environment and community.

The Colcom Foundation carries forward Cordelia S. May’s values of caring for nature and people. By doing this, it reminds us of the importance of looking after nature and our communities for a better future. See this article for more information.


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