The Life and Career of Trevor Edwards

Trever always knew he would go on to be a big shot one of these days but did not think he would soon be running the most famous shoe brand in the world. So what is his secret? He was born on staten island & his folks would always tell him to try his best on every test he took when he was first taking courses back in high school. That’s what led to all of the straight a’s he got during that time. By the time he has finished high school, he was ready to head off to college but was not sure which one of them he wanted to attend. As such, he opted to do a lot of research on them & soon discovered that baruch college was the right path for him. As he got to campus, he knew he was going to do well but never thought he would be admitted to the honor society known as phi beta kappa. While he did like it, he never let that go to his head. After he was done with his under grad work, he went on to grad school where he did his best to earn his MBA. He knew it would be a lot of work but did not let that deter him from his mission. He soon got it in the spring of 89 & then had to go out & find a job. He’s now retired & living in the state of FL.

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