The Pinnacle of Success by Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren comes from a family of only boys. He is the youngest out of the four boys. He was born in Texas a town called Gladewater in 1955. Warren had hardworking and loving parents to support him as he grew up. His father managed to attain a high school education and started working at Sun Oil as a ditch digger and eventually became the field clerk in the corporation.

Warren’s father’s job enabled him to spend more time with his children. Kelcy Warren was able to create fun and good memories with his kids and was very content with his life and how he raised his kids. Warren’s mother worked at a department shop. Due to her zeal and determination, she encouraged her sons to study and earn many accolades in life.

Kelcy Warren is religious and has been so since his childhood. Warren states during an interview that the Baptist Church in his hometown played a crucial role in him being who he is today. He loved growing up in his hometown and he especially loved Sundays because they got to go to church as a family and twice in the day.

Kelcy Warren began working when he was a teenager because of the financial constraints his family faced. His first job was at the gas station where he earned thirty cents. Warren did not give up but as he grew older, he started taking oilfield jobs.

Warren was hard-working in school and he passed his high school and enrolled in Texas University to pursue engineering. His hard work during his teenage years paid off as he paid his college fees with the money he had saved from doing jobs.

Mr. Kelcy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1978. He was recruited by Lone Star company to work for them as a pipeline engineer. He later joined Endevco which was a start-up energy company and acquired it in 1992 together with his partner.

Warren and his business partner changed Endevco name to Cornerstone Natural Gas company and sold it four years later. He later co-developed Energy Transfer company which acquires, treats, processes and transports natural gas and refined oils. He is currently the chairman of the corporation. He states that success is not about regrets but a high ground he is yet to climb.

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