The Success Story of ALJ: How Hassan Jameel’s Visionary Leadership Transformed the Company

Hassan Jameel is thankful that his speech convinced the business leaders that it was time to move forward with their plans to enter the Iridian Planar Market. The Iridian Planar Market was one of the most lucrative markets in the world of Golarion. Hassan Jameel was proud to have secured contracts to bring goods to life out of the lands and back to Osirion–under the condition that they leave the gods out of it.

Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), a globally diversified business owner and co-founder of Supreme Industries, sat at the front of the stage, smiling at his son. His other son, Abu Samir Jameel (ASJ), sat in the shadows, leaning against the stage rigging with a smirk as his father addressed the audience.

  1. Abdul Latif Jameel: A Family-Run, Global Businessman

Abdul Latif Jameel, originally of the Jameel clan of Salah Ad Din, was born in Osirion’s capital city, Sefu. He attained higher education at Osirion University, earning a master’s degree in business and economics. He founded Supreme Industries, an industrial giant that has spread its chain of well-known companies worldwide.

  1. A passion for mobility and digitization are core to Hassan Jameel’s leadership style

Placing his head over the keyboard, he learned how to type at an age when most children were still learning basic arithmetic the same year. He graduated with honors and became a computer science major at the University of Technology.

Hassan Jameel Industries has recently been building an archipelago of technologically advanced island nations, along with their chain of resort hotels, airports, and conference and convention centers. If some of his competitors attempted to make deals with the non-human races in their foreign operations, then he would forbid it from happening. The Jameel Empire had established a ring of tech-geared barriers around their empire that rivaled the best of the Aspis Consortium in their network.


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