Tim Murawski is Leading the Charge in Funding for Innovative Medical Technology

Tim Murawski is a biotechnology expert and business leader. He is currently the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics. Augmedics, located in Chicago, Illinois, focuses on developing medical technology for spinal surgery. According to Tim Murawski, by developing an augmented reality device that allows surgeons to “see-through” the body, Augmedics hopes to increase surgeon accuracy and efficacy in spinal cord surgeries.


Tim Murawski went to Western Illinois University and graduated with a degree in operations management and supervision. He began by working at the purchasing department for a chemical company’s research and development facility. Tim Murawski then realized that he would enjoy a career in sales. He then spent over a decade working in sales for medical devices during which he appreciated the life-changing aspects of innovative medical technologies. 


His career took him to critical positions within companies developing medical and surgical robotics technologies. He has been instrumental in the field of surgical robotics. His business expertise and belief in innovative medical devices enabled him to contribute to companies’ growth. As President and Chief Commercial Officer, Tim Murawski has been attracting a lot of financial interest for Augmedics in the field of medical technology. With Augmedics, Murawski has successfully raised $63 million in funding since 2019. 


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