Why Fortress Investment Group Is the Best Place To Put Your Money

As a listed company, the New York Firm ensures transparency about their assets under management. Since Fortress makes a lot of its money, they provide an extensive list of their investments. When you invest in a hedge fund, you put resources with the fund managers instead. That means that when those managers make money for your investments, it won’t be from their portfolio. It will be from the profits that they make as they trade stocks, bonds, or other investments on your behalf.

As a result, the managers of a hedge fund can often make hundreds of times the amount of the money. Fortress Investment Group has expanded to multiple offices including the Paris, London, Hong Kong and Boston office. The firm has 20 offices worldwide across four continents with approx. 1,100 employees. They have a large number of investors as clients which include public pension funds, endowments, insurance companies and banks.

Fortress Investment Group has a small-cap and small-midcap strategy which targets companies worth $500 million to $10 billion within a credit focused strategy. Their largest holdings are in below investment grade companies with a particular focus on the energy and natural resources sectors. They focus on having a low correlation to the overall market by investing globally.

Fortress Investment Group invests in different types of investment funds and activities, which it believes can generate attractive returns over a full market cycle. Fortified as a private firm, Fortress invests in attractive and undervalued assets with a focus on creating long-term, above average growth and liquidity. The firm may engage in investing activities in the private markets and may also participate in new private capital structures. Fortress invests in a variety of assets including private equity, real estate debt, including real estate operating companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs), distressed credit, infrastructure and structured credit, and other asset classes.

Fortress Investment Group does not pay their portfolio managers huge bonuses as compared to investment managers in other sectors. In 2015, they distributed 70% of their profits to their investors through dividends and buybacks. The New York has hundreds of employees, including a $30 million investment office in London. Its team has 30 years of experience across institutional and private client services to know more click here.

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